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Stephen Brooks, Freelance Writer wrote:
A novel should have a proper setting, realistic characters, interesting plot, theme, and riveting moments of climax and denouement.  Cotton Ketchie's two novels, "Little Did They Know," and "Trouble in Love Valley" completely satisfy these literary requirements.  The setting for his first book is familiar areas of Iredell County and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  His second book is set among the Brushy Mountains of northern Iredell County in the authentic western town of Love Valley.  Ketchie does a masterful job of weaving recognizable roads and landmarks into his stories.  The rolling hillsides seem to give birth to a heartbeat and suddenly spring alive.
Perhaps, Ketchie's greatest strength as an author is found in his development of characters.  The dynamic relationship between Jake and Marci is simply breath taking.   Men will embrace Marci's wild and carefree view of most of her primary relationships.  She dives in head first and seldom comes up for air. The ladies will just love Jake for who he is.
Jake is the consummate southern gentleman, an artist comfortable with himself...who encourages Marci to be all that she desires.
Plots and subplots thoroughly captivate the reader.  Riddled with suspense, one never knows what lies around the next bend in the road.  Laughter, mystery, and fear help fuel the reader's roller coaster ride of emotions.  Like the waves crashing on an ocean beach that gradually recede, dragging grains of sand back into the sea, Cotton Ketchie seems to be the great maestro conducting the water's symphony.
Do yourself a favor. Consider these two books a set. Perhaps the title should be, “Little Did They Know” that there would be such “Trouble in Love Valley.” You’ll be glad you did!
By the way, Cotton Ketchie has many wonderful original works of his art, prints, and photographs, also, for purchase.
 Bob Kennedy wrote:

Just finished "Little Did They Know" last night. GREAT STORY!! Gotta say it made the reading even better when you know the exact locations of some of the events. Outstanding descriptions of Northwest trading Post/Doughton Park and Red, White, and Blue Road, not to mention the Brawley School Rpad traffic and the serenity of Lake Norman.

I don't usually read a book in two sittings...but this one captured my interest quickly and kept forcing me to read on...looking for the happy ending! Well done my friend!!

Judy Young wrote:

  So love your pictures on my favorite tv station WBTV, thank you Cotton for giving me pictures of places that I probably will never get to see in person.


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